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Green Bay Packers(6) at Philadelphia Eagles(3):

This is probably the best game this weekend, the one that is the biggest push. Can Green Bay handle Vick for a full 60 minutes? Will they blitz the defensive backs, which seems to be causing Vick problems. Will Clay Matthews contain and set the edge? Will Asante Samuel guess right against Aaron Rodgers? Will Green Bay overcome their running woes against a poor Eagles rush defense? Honestly, who knows? There are a lot of ifs in this game, things that could go either way. To me, the talent is all their for both teams to win this one. This game will come down to two people; Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid and Packers Defensive Coordinator Dom Capers. Its up to these guys. Andy Reid needs to get his offense ready for what Dom Capers is surely to throw at him. I have faith in Capers gameplanning the Packers defense to victory, forcing Vick to continue his streak of iffy play with Matthews setting that edge and Woodson blitzing.
Prediction: 34-24 Green Bay Packers

New York Jets(6) at Indianapolis Colts(3)

This one is incredibly simple to me. Yes, the Colts have had an uncharacteristic up and very down season. Yes, for the first time in years they had to play in week 17 to get into the dance. However, I have two word for you, Peyton Manning. The only way the Jets win games is if the defense makes plays for their average offense. Peyton Manning wont do that, Mark Sanchez is going to have to dual with Manning, and guess who is going to win?
Prediction: 30-17 Indianapolis Colts

New Orleans Saints(5) at Seattle Seahawks(4)
The first team with a losing record to ever make the playoff. I find it despicable, a travesty. Much better teams sat at home. I am not calling for a change other than a possible change of the divisions to make them more competitive. Now, how will this team do against the defending Super Bowl Champions? The only thing the 12th man will be doing is booing and beating the traffic home.
Prediction: 38-10 New Orleans Saints

Baltimore Ravens(5) at Kansas City Chiefs(4)
This is another push game in my opinion. Ed Reed is going to get a pick, Ray Lewis is going to limit Chief’s tight end Moeki; you know, the usual. However Dwayne Bowe is going to abuse a weak cornerback crop and Jamaal Charles will run like he did all season, shockingly well. The Ravens offense will give up on running Ray Rice as usual when they meet the brunt of Chief’s defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel and turn one dimensional and struggle. Look for Kansas City to pull this one out at home at Arrowhead despite how good Baltimore has been on the road in the playoffs in recent years.
Prediction: 21-17 Kansas City Chiefs


Introducing: Me

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

There is a few things you should know about me. First off, I am abrasive and often disagree with what you might see on ESPN. You want a different opinion that you usually see, here is the place to come. You want a guy that you will either love or hate, well I’m him too. When I decide something, I will not be nice about it. Example: Cam Newton does not deserve the Heisman trophy. Here are some words within the mission statement of the Heisman Trust: integrity, pursuit of excellence,┬ádiligence, perseverance, and┬áresponsibility. Cam Newton is surrounded by a lack of all those things. You either like that view, or you despise me for it. Get it? Guess what else, I am biased. I will not forced feed you people any kind of neutral boring opinions. I will have a clear view, one way or the other. What good is being neutral? Lastly, this is a blog, and I will maintain it as formally as possible. However, I do have a plethora of other responsibilities. Welcome to my football mind.